The Beachcomber Cocktail bar and Kitchen would like to welcome you to experience our city centre escape. Find yourself transported beneath the streets of Notting Hill Gate to a realm of Polynesian decor and tropical style cocktails.

Rhum Agricole specialists


Most rums that we enjoy today are not made directly from sugar cane, but made from a treacle like substance called molasses. To get molasses, you must squeeze the juice from sugar cane and boil it down until sugar crystals form. This molasses is later purchased to make rum. However these styles of rums have been designed to suit the sweet palates that we have adapted to over the generations. While this is a common way to make rum today, this is not the way it was made originally.

Rhum Agricole is an elite style of rum originating from the French Caribbean Islands. It is made from the sweet and silky freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. This makes it stand out completely from today’s other rums, as it showcases the true flavour of sugar cane in a bottle. A true class of its own!

Join us as we continue to be the first and only Rhum Agricole specialised bar in the UK.


We really enjoy hosting private events. We also have a variety of regular open events that run on a weekly basis and can accommodate for small and larger groups.