Queensway is one of the most diverse multicultural regions within Central London.

Bustling with hostels and hotels, our safe haven is a mere stroll from the beautiful site of The Royal Parks - Kensington Gardens, where the area is full with foot fall and a cold drink awaits you just a frisbee throw away!

The Beachcomber has been at home in Queensway for many years, dating back to the late 1980’s. It was known previously as a latin style live music venue and had the presence of a true modern day speakeasy .

In 2012, the bar reintroduced itself as the local late night Tiki bar, seaking for new ways to improve our cocktails and cuisine to transport our hard working customers to an Island closer to home.

Today we enjoy playing with the senses to provide an authentic Tiki experience. Vast amounts of bamboo and faux evergreen flock the walls.

Ultraviolet hand crafted wooden features resemble the illuminescent tropics, whilst the aroma of coconut drifts in the air.

Search for the faint sound of a distant rainforest, whilst your taste buds come alive through our bespoke cocktails and wildly authentic Caribbean cuisine, finessed with fusion flair.